EOS price livemore analysis, 8 May 2019

In recent times, media got a grip by using the efforts of an American investor Jesse Livermore on Ethereum (ETH) charts. Jesse Lauriston Livermore was a nominal specialist in the early years of the 1900s. The work from the past experts proved very supportive in the crypto market.

Livermore formulated a construct known as Livermore’s Speculative Chart; the essence of the creation is that upward slanting zig-zag action heralds a sharp up move.

Upon observing the EOS, Livermore breakdown on the daily chart appears better than Livermore’s study in case of Ethereum (ETH). The analysis of ETH is displayed in Figure.

Bottom Line: Positive drive is constructing in larger coins hence, EOS has a probability to grasp the cost target of ten dollars ($10).

On the other hand, the Crypto.IQ Trading Desk is all set for its next big move in Bitcoin (BTC) and other large coins.


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