Veritoken Global Drives Data Control, Privacy, and Protection to Blockchain Market with STO Offering

today announced the start of its SEC-approved ERC-884
security token offering (STO) to further the company’s mission to bring
data control, privacy, and protection to U.S. investors. Veritoken is
facilitating adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFT) to the blockchain by
establishing new industry standards, as outlined in their recently
published Veritoken
Global Bill of Rights
. The company’s mission and its patent-pending
NFT solution represent a path to ownership of individual data on the
blockchain, enabling humans to determine what data is private, public,
and the terms under which it may be used. The Veritoken STO offering
begins April 3, 2019, the first to be led by a woman CEO.

“When it comes to personal data, it’s time to take our power back. The
foxes have been watching the hen house for far too long. It could even
be too charitable to say that anyone’s been watching. We can
argue whether these big tech companies are wrong, or maybe the model is
wrong, but it’s clear we need to be creating new paths for individual
data ownership,” said Anne Ahola Ward, CEO, Veritoken Global. “At
Veritoken Global, we’re building tools to facilitate the growth of the
NFT ecosystem, thereby enacting the promise of what blockchain was meant
to become.”

Returning Data Control, Privacy and Control to the People

is focused on authenticating data and assets, providing full
verification to return power to individuals and businesses by protecting
their personal data during transactions–ensuring security and safety of
assets. The company is also building a common language for NFTs to
improve the understanding and the utilization of NFTs between
businesses. By applying Veritoken’s best practices, businesses will be
assured they have full transparency of personal data and are not

Veritoken Global’s ERC-884 STO is designed from the ground up to be
compliant with corporate and securities law, making it a specific type
of STO: an equity bearing security token offering.

“Imagine a future where consumers can monetize their personal data,
private financial data, and even health records. That future is now,”
said Mark Hopkins, CTO, Veritoken Global. “Securing personal data on the
blockchain with non-fungible tokens represent a new paradigm for data
security, privacy and control; a new way for businesses to ensure higher
levels of data protection; and for consumers to share and even monetize
their data to the degree they choose.”

According to Monica Puchner, CEO of, “Veritoken Global
has all the ingredients for success with a world-class leadership team,
deep understanding of the industry from both user and business
perspectives, and the ability to provide a trustworthy ecosystem while
mitigating risk. I believe the company is poised to be one of the
breakout STOs of 2019.”

The Veritoken Global leadership team is comprised of Anne Ahola Ward,
CEO, a renowned futurist, growth scientist, O’Reilly author, and
recognized leader in the blockchain industry; Mark Hopkins, IBM
Futurist, blockchain evangelist, and data expert; and leading finance,
blockchain, scientist, and Fortune 500 C-level executives all rallying
behind the company and its mission.

Funds raised from the Veritoken STO will enable the company to scale and
to meet accelerated demand for NFT tools. By creating better tools,
Veritoken will continue to lead the NFT market providing best data
privacy practices detailed in the Veritoken
Global Bill of Rights

About Veritoken Global

Started in 2018, Veritoken Global verifies everything from products to
data to people, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure security and
safety. Veritoken Global is one of the first companies to successfully
utilize non-fungible tokens (NFT), taking the blockchain-based
technology made known by the illustrious CryptoKitties into something
tangible for businesses: verifying products, data, and assets.
Additionally, Veritoken Global is helping to build a common language for
NFTs to continue to improve the understanding and utilization of NFTs
between businesses. For more information, visit

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