EOS to the Moon? Latest Adoption and Updates of the EOS Ecosystem

EOS is a blockchain that is continuously being adopted by thousands of developers worldwide. Here are some of the latest updates and adoption of the EOS blockchain.


WAX shifting to EOS:

WAX or the Worldwide Asset Exchange is jumping ship from Ethereum to EOS. WAX will be building a peer-to-peer marketplace using a custom blockchain based on the EOS blockchain, basically running as a sister chain to EOS.


SWITCHEO plans to expand:

Switcheo has announced that they have plans to expand their decentralized exchange to EOS.


EOSFinex is out:

EOSFinex was out on the testnet about a month ago which is a decentralized exchange for EOS that actually should be a massive boost for the ecosystem overall especially as some of these smaller DEXs that we have already available have very low liquidity. This would be a great compliment to the bigger decentralized exchanges such as Bancor and Switcheo. The mainnet for EOSFinex is scheduled for May 2019.


Metro Hardware Key:

The Metro Hardware Key is coming up which will be a 100% opensource built for EOS. It shall be a specialized hardware wallet specifically targeting the EOS community, however competing with other universal wallets such as Ledger and Trezor shall be very difficult for them.


$1 Billion EOS VC Fund:

The $1 billion EOS VC Fund which has been around for a while but they have been funding some different things. Of course, we have seen projects like Everipedia being funded by them. We have also High Fidelity which is a VR focused project and a recent one called ‘Good Money’ which is a digital banking platform service among other projects which they have been funding.

The VC Fund will be very big for the ecosystem over time and hopefully, these early investments do pay good dividends for them. In fact, the entire EOS ecosystem is growing at a really big rate.


Block One Promising a Big Announcement:

Block One is promising a big announcement in June and there are a lot of speculations going on in the crypto space regarding what it is going to be. However, they have not revealed anything specific yet apart from the video trailer which revealed absolutely nothing about the announcement except that it will be happening. Many people are speculating that it will be the reveal of MEOS. MEOS is speculated to be EOS’s answer for a social media platform, while some people call it Steem on EOS.

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