New R/GA Blockchain Investment Studio to Open Office in Oregon for Local Companies

The investment arm of R/GA, R/GA Ventures, has decided to open up shop in Oregon. The company has started a partnership with local Oregon companies in order to open up a new office in the state.

According to the official press release, the new studio will be called Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio (OEBVS) and it will be a partnership between R/GA Ventures and several other companies such as ConsenSys, Moda, the Oregon Health and Science University, Business Oregon, Portland State University, Umpqua Bank and Smith + Crown.

This new studio will have the goal of leveraging emerging startup products and tools in a way that they can be used to solve the problems of targeted businesses in the region using the blockchain technology. Basically, the company is focused on providing support for these companies to use the blockchain to make their products better.

By participating in the project, the startups will get mentorship from executives which are known in the industry and get access to the partners of the companies as well, which will help them to create more successful products in the long-term.

The areas of interest are as follows: food, health, logistics, energy and sustainability, smart cities, finance, sports, retail, insurance, transportation, Internet of Things, manufacturing, advertising and marketing. Starting today, companies from these sectors will be able to apply for the program.

According to the press release, the program will start on July 29 and it will be concluded in October this year. During the event that will finalize the program, the companies will show their products to investors and costumes from the tech community and have the opportunity to create new partnership and businesses opportunities that will help them later.

This is a time in which blockchain investments are getting very popular, so the companies will certainly benefit from participating in this accelerator program and there is a fairly good chance that we will see some exciting projects being created this way.

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