Blockchain & DEX Startup Radar Unveils New Lightning Network Developer Tools

Blockchain & DEX Startup Radar Unveils New Lightning Network Developer Tools April 7, 2019 April 7, 2019 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY

In a Medium Post, Radar, the blockchain firm that established Radar Relay, the decentralized exchange, and raised $10 million in 2018, stated that it will unveil new Lightning Network developer tools. Radar stated that the developer tools will be unveiled at Boltathon, the Lightning Network hackathon sponsored by the company.

The tools include a node configuration assistant, a tool for requesting and opening channels, an invoice decoder and an invoice sandbox for trial.

The tools will also carry requisite software recommendations, setup lessons and configuration rules for linking through Tor, which provides anonymous connection, and ways to access unreleased facilities.

The aforesaid products and educational content is portion of the Radar ION initiative, aimed at bringing new customers into the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a crypto scalability facility, most famously used in Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain, enabling instant and almost free transactions.

Recently, Blockchain development company Lightning Labs Lightning Loop, which is a part of Loop Out feature that boosts users’ receiving capacity by transferring their funds out of the network while having the channels open. The second feature anticipated to be unveiled is called Loop In. It will permit sending out payments to Lightning Channels from exchanges and other on-chain sources.

Back in March, Bitfury, the Bitcoin mining and development firm, inked a deal with the US payment processing firm HadePay to permit merchants to take in Lightning Network transactions.

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