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John McAfee is reportedly now in support of privacy coin Bitcoin Private [BTCP]. On his Twitter page, he posted a picture made by user tommyp408 with the caption “Don’t think about stealing Boss’ Bitcoin Private!: McAfee Elite Security Force”

The image posted by McAfee on Twitter

He also held a poll previous to this, in which he asked his followers:

“I have been asked by many of the 52,000+ supporters of BTCP to lead a crypticurrency [sic]  privacy movement. Is this what my followers want?”

His followers responded with overwhelming positive answers, with 70% voting yes.

Bitcoin Private is a co-fork of Bitcoin and ZClassic for optimal security and privacy. It utilizes the same privacy technology as ZClassic, known as zk-snarks. Zk-snarks is a zero-knowledge cryptography technology. It stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”.

The sender, recipient and other transactional data of every transaction remain unidentifiable even as the payments are published on a public blockchain.

The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes it highly difficult to mount a DDoS or similar attack, with the attacker needing 51% of the blockchain’s hash power to mount any kind of attack. As BTCP is a fork of Bitcoin, the coin supports P2P transactions without the need for a trusted intermediary.

BTCP also has a higher block size than Bitcoin, leading to faster and more efficient transactions. The block size of 2 MB allows it to condense more transactions into a single block.

The code is open source, and the coin is community-driven, developed by “team members all over the world”. Unlike many other altcoins, there were no pre-mined coins or founder’s rewards, with BTCP being airdropped in a 1:1 ratio for BTC and ZCL users.

John McAfee interacted with his followers on the post about BTCP, exhibiting his signature witty replies. When user The Range said:

“Legitimately the dumbest shit I’ve seen on twitter this week. I promise, that’s high praise.”

McAfee said:

“God bless you!! Do I get a prize???”

User pattinyc criticized the picture, saying:

“Nice rifles and background but its photoshopped”

To which McAfee attached a gallery, with the caption:

“Bull shit. When am I not holding guns or surrounded by guards”

Bitcoin Private is currently trading at around $21, at the 44th position.

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